CO2 or Carbon Oxygen problem

The problem is that humanity increases the quota of CO2 in the atmosphere significant.
This changes the thermal system from planet earth.

One carbon and two atoms oxygen gives CO2.
This gas originates by burning coal, oil or gas and all other material containing carbon.
The problem is that humanity increases the quota of CO2 in the atmosphere significant.
This changes the thermal system from planet earth. The average temperature increases.

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1000 Watt per square meter
The surface temperature has to be 25 degree Celsius in this photovoltaic test. This test simulates full sunshine on the surface of planet earth.

Aircondition or Air-condition
In normal cars is the aircondition system powered direct by the car's engine. Air-Condition for cars by photovoltaic is here something really new.

bodyheat or body heat
Maybe You remember some personal experiences. For example the heat from 100 persons in a 50 m² room. It is like a 10 kW heating system.

Chevalier title at the EUREKA in Brussels
You can become a Chevalier at the world innovation fair EUREKA in Brussels.
There are two ways:

Compared to the AC compressors, DC compressors are very expensive. This is the main reason why a compressor refrigerator for a car is much more expensive than for a house.

Grey energy
All the energy to produce something. For example You drink a glass of milk. The grey energy is used to transport the chow to the cow, to transport the milk to the creamery.

Most electrical devices are using AC with 110 V or 230 V. An inverter changes low voltage DC into 110 V or 230 V AC.

Joint Venture
Different resources are used together. A typical joint venture is, that one side has a good idea and the other side has good money.

logarithmical or logarithmically
The solution is a logarithmical scale. This means 1=0, 10=1, 100=2, 1000=3, 10000=4, 100000=5, 1000000=6...

MLM Multi-Level Marketing
Some criteria to evaluate the quality of a MLM system: Dreams and the truth about the downline development. The difference between MLM and a pyramide game

Something You trust in its value to have something common for exchange.
Currency units like DM or $ are only useable on planet earth.

Peak (from a PV module)
In these documents the performance from a Photovoltaic at 1000 W / m²

photovoltaic or photo voltaic
Converts light into electrical power. Any light, not only direct sun light. The current world wide production should be fast incresed.

Raytracer Raytracer
Software to create pictures from objects only existing in the computer.
A very good shareware raytracer is the POV "persistance of vision" raytracer.

Situation Comic Series. Usually many 25 minutes long telecasts. In most cases is the screenplay an invention and has nothing to do with real life. But there is one exeption...

Solar Architecture
Houses designed to use solar energy. For example small or no windows to the north and big windows to the south. The most extreme example is the GEMINI inhabited solar power plant

A common misunderstanding is that survive means only to be just alive.
A person is just alive when he dies tomorrow, a very low level of survive.

UV-C Ultra Violet Light-C
Ultra Violet light has a shorter wavelength than visible light.
The UV spectrum is divided into A, B, C. UV-C is the part from the UV spectrum with the shortest wavelength.

Wm²K - Watt per square meter Kelvin
Quality from an insulation. Small values are better.

W / (m . K)
Quality from an Insulation material. Small values are better. There is one square meter from the material...