The Proof: reality is worse than the 'Yes, minister' series

Most people have the hope, that real politicians are better. Sorry, here is the proof for the opposite. An example from Germany:

Pay back time
Risk for investment
CdTe Photovoltaic factory
$30 M
4 years
No risk known
Lignite power plant
$3000 M
39 years
Any CO2 tax will make it
impossible to make wins.
Problems to start
No problem known
A village built on 40 Mt lignite has to be destroyed. Without the destruction of the village, lignite will only be enough for 36 years instead of 40 years.
First wins expected after 39 years.
Risk for future workers
No risk known
One day in the future, a worker will come home after a hard day of work. He turns on the television and hears the latest news:
"CO2 tax starting next year"
He will know in this moment
that his job is just finished.

Some German politicians really think, that the lignite power plant is a great idea to waste some money.

One year lost for humanity to get a great new weapon against the CO2 problem.

News from 1996-12-05: Every year DM subvention for stone coal in Germany. Enough money to built every year factories for 5000 MW Peak Photovoltaic. Every year new factories for 70 times of 1995 world production. Every year more money by the wins of all this new factories. But instead of this, German politicians think it is better to invest every year DM in a dead business deadly for our home planet.

  Planetary Engineering Party: renewable energy!

PEP - the political party of PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth claims 10% GNP for the quick and total change towards renewable energy. With more PEP to the solar power age!

With more PEP to the age of solar power
You have terrible problems on Your home planet Earth called
climate change, CO2 problem and limited fossil energy resources.

Scientific offensive for renewable energy
In the same magnitude as the research for the atomic bombs, atomic power plants and SDI together.

There are exceptions for the strength of free market economy
PEP proposes for this exceptions a special political procedure, in order to give free market economy a second chance in this areas

Cooperation between politics and industry
For the complete change towards renewable energy is a strong economy required. Cooperation instead of confrontation is the motto of PEP therefore