Scientific offensive for renewable energy

In the same magnitude as the research for the atomic bombs, atomic power plants and SDI together.

  PEP postulations

  • Scientific offensive towards the use of renewable energy in the same magnitude as the research from the atomic bombs, atomic power plants and SDI together.
    • Maybe we find even better Photovoltaic than the CdTe prototype with enough scientific research.
    • A house producing much energy instead of using much energy like the GEMINI inhabited solar power plant.
    • Radical changed planing targets for new city areas like first time published at GEMINI structure village.
    • A system to transfer electrical power from the street to a car.
    • A new solution for traffic problems called C.A.H.H. or Computer Aided Hitchhiking.
  • Increase outgoes towards the total change to renewable energy to at last 10% GNP
    • It is world war 3: humanity against the self inflicted problems.
    • Last centuries investment into the railway system should be our example.
  • Abolish any law stoping the use of renewable energy.
    • Any law against extreme solar architecture.
    • Any law making difficulties to sell energy produced by renewable sources.
  • Create new laws to enforce the use of renewable energy.
    • A moderate but incessantly increasing CO2 tax.
    • Highly increased insulation standards for houses.
    • It should be not allowed to built a new house needing fossil energy for heating.
    • The light from the sun should hit a Photovoltaic, a window or a plant.
      Other hits on a new building should be limited down to nearly nothing.
    • A world ethics commission should have the power to override patent protection,
      when the owner of the patent withholds something important for the future of humanity.

  Planetary Engineering Party: renewable energy!

PEP - the political party of PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth claims 10% GNP for the quick and total change towards renewable energy. With more PEP to the solar power age!

With more PEP to the age of solar power
You have terrible problems on Your home planet Earth called
climate change, CO2 problem and limited fossil energy resources.

There are exceptions for the strength of free market economy
PEP proposes for this exceptions a special political procedure, in order to give free market economy a second chance in this areas

Cooperation between politics and industry
For the complete change towards renewable energy is a strong economy required. Cooperation instead of confrontation is the motto of PEP therefore

The Proof: reality is worse than the 'Yes, minister' series
Most people have the hope, that real politicians are better. Sorry, here is the proof for the opposite. An example from Germany: