With more PEP to the age of solar power

You have terrible problems on Your home planet Earth called
climate change, CO2 problem and limited fossil energy resources.

You have also total irresponsible politicians
total unable to deal with this problems.

Do You know the English comedy series "Yes Minister"?
I am sorry to tell You that the truth is much worse.

If You don't believe me, I can give You proofs until You are convinced.

This are the reasons why PEP exists.

Population of planet Earth is divided into many different countries. Local PEP parties should add the standard internet country shortcut at the end of PEP. PEPAT for example for Austria.

  Planetary Engineering Party: renewable energy!

PEP - the political party of PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth claims 10% GNP for the quick and total change towards renewable energy. With more PEP to the solar power age!

Scientific offensive for renewable energy
In the same magnitude as the research for the atomic bombs, atomic power plants and SDI together.

There are exceptions for the strength of free market economy
PEP proposes for this exceptions a special political procedure, in order to give free market economy a second chance in this areas

Cooperation between politics and industry
For the complete change towards renewable energy is a strong economy required. Cooperation instead of confrontation is the motto of PEP therefore

The Proof: reality is worse than the 'Yes, minister' series
Most people have the hope, that real politicians are better. Sorry, here is the proof for the opposite. An example from Germany: