Cooperation between politics and industry

For the complete change towards renewable energy is a strong economy required. Cooperation instead of confrontation is the motto of PEP therefore

Don't be shocked by the proposed handling of an idiot area. We from PEP think, that we can operate in most business areas in a very cooperative way. Let's take the automobile industry as an example. The automobile industry has a moderate development. It could be better, but when I think that my current motorhome uses less fuel than my first very small car, I have to say, that there is a good development.

We would talk with the automobile industry (C.I) in this way:
  • PEP: You put some nice new features like airbag, air-condition and ABS breaks into Your cars. Was this good for Your business?
  • C.I: Yes. Otherwise cars would be cheaper and cheaper. We have always to develop new features in order to have a good argument for the increasing prices.
  • PEP: We have here a proposal to increase Your business. Bring Solar Comfort in all Your cars. Make a big advertising campaign that a new car is really nothing without a small refrigerator driven by solar energy. Make an other advertising campaign, that the live of a Yuppie is senseless, when his new luxury car is not air-conditioned by solar energy in order to keep the car cool when it is parked at a sunny place.
  • C.I: Why to the hell comes this proposal not from our expensive marketing department? Why do You give us such valuable new business ideas?
  • PEP: We live all on the same planet and we want only to increase the Photovoltaic world market in order to make solar energy cheap.
  • C.I: Other proposals to increase our business?
  • PEP: Yes! You could implement a new traffic system using private cars. You have only to invest in the development in cooperation with the computer industry. This new traffic system solves some traffic problems and will stop the condemnation of cars.
  • C.I: Yes, but after all, we have limits. We know about the limited resources for fossil fuel and the CO2 problem.
  • PEP: Don't worry, be happy. Look on this GEMINI inhabited solar power plant. Look on our fist study about cities in the future. Our Solar Comfort project to increase the Photovoltaic world market is only the first small step towards the total change to renewable energy.

    Electric power will be enough. Inhabited solar power plants will produce 4 times more electric power in Germany than all atomic power plants in Germany together.

    You have to solve only one problem: The transfer from the electric power to moving cars.
    Something like an energy track. Don't wail about the development costs. The development costs should be booked at Your marketing department, because You should create a new series of car races for energy track cars.

  Planetary Engineering Party: renewable energy!

PEP - the political party of PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth claims 10% GNP for the quick and total change towards renewable energy. With more PEP to the solar power age!

With more PEP to the age of solar power
You have terrible problems on Your home planet Earth called
climate change, CO2 problem and limited fossil energy resources.

Scientific offensive for renewable energy
In the same magnitude as the research for the atomic bombs, atomic power plants and SDI together.

There are exceptions for the strength of free market economy
PEP proposes for this exceptions a special political procedure, in order to give free market economy a second chance in this areas

The Proof: reality is worse than the 'Yes, minister' series
Most people have the hope, that real politicians are better. Sorry, here is the proof for the opposite. An example from Germany: