Top innovations for mobility

This top innovations will make sure, that our mobility will not decrease with the end of the fossile age.

Hybrid engine for Renault Kangoo Hybrid engine for Renault Kangoo
Complete drive system for an electric dominated hybrid car. It mixes serial and parallel hybrid together to an high efficient new hybrid system.

Lithium polymer battery Lithium polymer battery
Kokam presents itself on EVER Monaco as one of the big hope bearers for electric cars and rechargeable hybrid cars. Around 170 Wh per kg makes a lot possible.

Loremo Loremo
Loremo means LOw REsistance MObility. All our reports about the Loremo, which we estimate as the Ford-T for the 21. century.

Vectrix Maxi Scooter Vectrix Maxi Scooter
How to commute environement friendly between residence and work place? Table of contents about all our contributions about the Vectrix maxi scooter.

E-Max S E-Max S
The electric scooter as a new means of transport where saving CO2 makes fun. Table of contents about all our contributions about the E-Max S electric scooter.

Diesel fuel cell Diesel fuel cell
32.8% of the chemical energy is converted into electric power. No 4 kW ICE internal combustion engine with generator has this efficiency, low noise and clean exhaust gases.

Battery for electric car Battery for electric car
8 cells with 100 Ah are in this battery pack for electric cars together.Typical connectors for power and battery management volt and temperature.

Diesel fuel cell Diesel fuel cell
The reformer above takes the hydrogen out of the Diesel, below a fuel cell to make electric power. First time planed as a 4 kW APU for a frozen goods truck.

Lombardini generators for serial hybrid cars Lombardini generators for serial hybrid cars
How does one extend the reach of an electric car? Instead of more and more batteries one could also take a generator. The concept is called serial hybrid car.


Top innovations which will have significant consequences for our future cross all our different technical magazines.

Land for Energy
The dream from the own house with garden combined with high population density and an area yield like a free-field photovoltaic.

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