Top innovations which will have significant consequences for our future cross all our different technical magazines.

Lithium polymer battery Lithium polymer battery
Kokam presents itself on EVER Monaco as one of the big hope bearers for electric cars and rechargeable hybrid cars. Around 170 Wh per kg makes a lot possible.

Loremo Loremo
Loremo means LOw REsistance MObility. All our reports about the Loremo, which we estimate as the Ford-T for the 21. century.

Flexible CIS Photovoltaic Flexible CIS Photovoltaic
Silicon shortage is no problem, photovoltaic can be produced with many better features out of other materials. Here a flexible CIS modul.

Hot high temperature fuel cell Hot high temperature fuel cell
The fair sensation at stationary electric power production. 49% efficiency at electric power and for many industrial appliciacations suitable 400 degree used air temperature.

Photovoltaic and heat combined Photovoltaic and heat combined
Cogeneration of electric power and heat from one modul. Optimal utilization of roofs by combined production of electric power and heat on the same area.

Top innovations for mobility
This top innovations will make sure, that our mobility will not decrease with the end of the fossile age.

Land for Energy
The dream from the own house with garden combined with high population density and an area yield like a free-field photovoltaic.