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When there is a discussion and I want to use one of my web pages as an argument, do You believe, I would know all my own pages? No! It's not necessary.

For example, I need as an argument the CO2 emissions of the Renault Kangoo with gasoline, diesel, natural gas and electric power. Simple type "Kangoo CO2" and I have the addresses for the emissions in city traffic and outside town in English and German.

  Start with short queries, enclose more and more

Just start with a short query to see, is about this theme material from PEGE.

  • Nothing found, despite the fact that that PEGE should report about this? Write us, what we have missed to write about!

  • To many search results. Narrow down with additional words in the query.

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Permanently is expanded. Since May 2008, we bring regular, about each week our newsletter.

What is there new
All actual browsers can find out by the RSS system what is new on a website. Here explained on the example Internet Explorer MSIE 7.

Dynamic bookmarks
A sbscription to a RSS feed is also called a dynamic bookmark, because the browser checks regularly for changes on the website.

Arguments training
You are enthusiastic about Your plan. You have to prepare for an important debate. I train You regarding usual contra arguments and how to disprove them effective.

Since 1991 comprehensively experience in the field of renewable energy and our future mobility.

PEGE Offline DVD PEGE Offline DVD
The internet is not always and everywhere, special in the holidays. The PEGE offline DVD contains each time the actual state of all PEGE site