Thumb nail pics from the SF gallery of Franz Miklis

The Austrian artist Franz Miklis presents his gallery of SF and fantasy graphics and paintings. Overview with thumbnails of all pics.

Sat Hathor Junit in front of a pyramid in old egypt
The picture shows a pyramid and a woman in clothes like in historic egypt.  Historic accurate, one bosom is nude. In the twilight of earth
Earth is raising on the horizon. A mysterious face on the left side of the painting. Between the boken picture of a landscape A starship in the dark sky of a blue world
Below the saucer shaped spaceship is the tail fin of a just diving cetacean. An other planet on the horizon Far Shore: A sailing boat surrounded of jumping dolphins
The szene is sure not on planet earth, because it is sure not the moon in the distance Spaceship crash
The wreck a spaceship is destroyed on the surface of an other planet.  A similar spaceship floats over it Fury: an allegory with a man and a tree
A man floats precisely before a floating tree yellowish in one reddish environment.  The expanded arms of the man are exactly before the leafless boughs of the tree Erebus: a fire and a ice bear
in a landscape with a big mountain in the background in the light of the only partial luminated moon Iskador: catamaran sailing boat on a dark sea
One man on a small sailing boat is sailing towards the horizon where something different than the moon is big in the gloomy sky Melancholy: big explosion mushroom in the background
A white bird of prey in the foreground. Between are the masts of sunken ship with some shredded sails Ice sailing: big ships special equiped to sail on ice
A fleet of big sailing ships shine itself at clean ice. Some people beckon for departure. Maybe on a planet with very cold climate ice pirates assault: only the burning masts remaining
Some people move on the ice between the completely destroyed ship and a big ship special equiped for sailing on ice
Columns of time: end time study
To the right an antique temple with columns. Behind a floating globe.  The upper half is only available from the globe. The other half rains down as thrums. Gate 4: cybernetic suitcase carrier
A study via life in space transport systems and stations in the future. A cybernetic suitcase carrier is shown Moonlight Dancer: erotic Phantastic
produced for an anthology with erotic phantastic as main theme A starship above a futuristic city
A half-naked woman walks on a roof with a strange arm in the assault. A spaceship floats barely before high towers to the left over it A naked woman in a futuristic city
Gigantic towers, a very technical environment and in between sleeps completely surprisingly a naked woman

  Science Fiction and fantasy pictures gallery

The Austrian artist Franz Miklis presents his gallery of SF and fantasy graphics and paintings

Dream Worlds fantasy paintings fine art gallery
All pictures of this series are painted with acryl color.
The originals are in the range of 1 squaremeter in size

Galacto Celtic Newsflash illustrations
The Zine is distributed only to a limited fan community and over the FAPA (Fantasy amateur press Association, USA). Here a collection of the best pictures out of it

SF and fantasy artist Franz Miklis
Short biography, list of exhibitions, memberships and awards like ''2000 artists and designers of the 20th Century'' or the show awards, ''ConFiction'' World Con, Den Haag

2000 artists and designers of the 20th Century: section 'visionary art' 2000 artists and designers of the 20th Century: section 'visionary art'
The SF and fantasy artist Franz Miklis was awarded March 2000in the section visionary art by the ''International Biographical Centre, Cambridge''.

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