New traffic system based on GPS + GSM

Explains the use of the Computer Aided Hitchhiking traffic system for the user and for the car driver.

  C.A.H.H. for users
  • Purchase a multi function C.A.H.H. unit
  • Put some money on Your C.A.H.H. account
  • Fill in the form with all Your wishes about the driver like nonsmoker
  • Type Your target in the C.A.H.H.
  • The C.A.HH finds out Your position by GPS and sends Your wish by GSM to the central C.A.H.H. computer.
  • The display of Your C.A.H.H. device shows that a "Red Renault Espace S 544 CP in 400m" will take You.
  • Take place in the hitchhiked car.
  • Press the "Success" button.
  • Your car driver will get some money on his C.A.H.H. account deducted from Your C.A.H.H. account
  C.A.H.H. for car drivers
  • Purchase a multi function C.A.H.H. unit for Your car
  • Fill in the form all Your wishes about passengers.
  • Take place in Your car and type Your target, Your preparedness for passengers and Your preparedness for detours.
  • piep piep 3 passenger waiting 400m farther
  • Let Your passengers take place
  • You will get some money on Your C.A.H.H. account
  Problems to solve

There are no severe technical problems to solve. We expect only political problems with ignorant people and some dogmatists of public traffic. Do You want this new comfortable traffic system?

  Computer Aided Hitchhiking as traffic problem solution

Type Your target in the CAHH device and hitchhike a car in less than one minute. A new method to solve traffic problems

GSM + GPS + new = Traffic problem solution
The device contains GSM, GPS and CAHH. and solves traffic problems. Computer networks to bring car drivers and passengers together

Replace the public traffic system
This calculation shows the amount of traffic reduction possible with C.A.H.H. The values for person km are actual billion person km from Germany 1992.