Replace the public traffic system

This calculation shows the amount of traffic reduction possible with C.A.H.H. The values for person km are actual billion person km from Germany 1992.

The values here are the situation before installing CAHH:
person km per car. Two person 100 km in one car are 200 person km
person km per public traffic system. 100 person 5 km in a bus are 500 person km
average persons per car. At last the driver

The values here are about changes made by CAHH: % of car drivers participating in CAHH
average persons per car participating in CAHH system

The values here are the results from the CAHH:

public traffic will be reduced by %
private car traffic will be reduced by%

Only 20% of all car drivers participate at CAHH and the average CAHH car driver increases his average number of passengers from 1.2 to 1.8.

Only one of three car drivers has in average one more passenger in his car. That's enough to eliminate public traffic.

Only 40% of all car drivers have doubled the average number of their passengers.

  Computer Aided Hitchhiking as traffic problem solution

Type Your target in the CAHH device and hitchhike a car in less than one minute. A new method to solve traffic problems

GSM + GPS + new = Traffic problem solution
The device contains GSM, GPS and CAHH. and solves traffic problems. Computer networks to bring car drivers and passengers together

New traffic system based on GPS + GSM
Explains the use of the Computer Aided Hitchhiking traffic system for the user and for the car driver.

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