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The Android moment of the old car industry
The old car industry only saw Tesla as a new competitor. But in the 4th quarter of 2023, BYD sold more electric cars than Tesla. Similarly, Samsung sold more than Apple.

The forgotten factor of motivation
Nothing is more alien to the mindset of these people than motivation. For these people, the only thing that counts is enforcing draconian penalties and financing them with tax increases.

War mongering in 1914 and the consequences to this day
War-mongers are not directed against specific politicians, a specific government or a specific country, but against the future of humanity as a whole.

California CEQA produces homelessness
Living in the countryside is evil, we have to prevent it, whatever the cost. New technology? We deny that, it doesn't exist! Housing costs? So what, we are a very rich country!

Federal Network Agency Scenario Framework 2045
There can be dramatic differences between available power and electricity demand. How can such nonsense end up in an official government document?

[ALL)Methan, Methanol oder Wasserstoff für Kraftwerke(ALL]
[ALL)Nur noch Gaskraftwerke, die für Wasserstoff tauglich sind, will die EU ab 2035. Eine sehr fragwürdige Entscheidung weil dies ist bei Kraftwerken eine völlig offene Frage(ALL]

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