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The Android moment of the old car industry
The old car industry only saw Tesla as a new competitor. But in the 4th quarter of 2023, BYD sold more electric cars than Tesla. Similarly, Samsung sold more than Apple.

The forgotten factor of motivation
Nothing is more alien to the mindset of these people than motivation. For these people, the only thing that counts is enforcing draconian penalties and financing them with tax increases.

War mongering in 1914 and the consequences to this day
War-mongers are not directed against specific politicians, a specific government or a specific country, but against the future of humanity as a whole.

California CEQA produces homelessness
Living in the countryside is evil, we have to prevent it, whatever the cost. New technology? We deny that, it doesn't exist! Housing costs? So what, we are a very rich country!

Federal Network Agency Scenario Framework 2045
There can be dramatic differences between available power and electricity demand. How can such nonsense end up in an official government document?

Methane, methanol or hydrogen for power plants
The EU only wants gas-fired power plants that are suitable for hydrogen from 2035 - a very questionable decision because this is a completely open question for power plants

Vienna is bigger than the Gaza Strip
Any statement on this problem without a strategy for deradicalization is just lip service. There can be no deradicalization locked up on 365 km².

Let's make the world a better place together
Investor discussions typically start with the question of how you got there in the first place. Somehow it's clear that a young, dynamic start-up founder aged 65 is sitting opposite you.

Landshut Environmental Fair 2024 Landshut Environmental Fair 2024
My presentation: The EFH is dead, long live the new EFH for a successful energy transition. Huge problems such as the energy transition and climate change and this is supposed to be the answer?

What would Ludwig Erhard say?
The median wealth of 2 people in Germany is nowhere near enough for home ownership. Home ownership is probably the lowest form of "prosperity for all".

Car show in Salzburg Car show in Salzburg
Do car sellers really want to sell electric cars if they don't even have a clue about optimized charging at low spot market prices?

France bans new wind turbines - 100% solar not a problem
In the southernmost part of Germany, one kW of photovoltaics supplies 17 kWh in December. In the southernmost part of France, on the other hand, it is 41 kWh.

The 3 situation assessment problem
Diagnosis correct, therapy correct or diagnosis incorrect, therefore no therapy required or Diagnosis correct, therapy wrong, an effective therapy must be developed

Austria Earth Exhaustion Day and what lies behind it Austria Earth Exhaustion Day and what lies behind it
Such footprint calculators are not about solutions, but about making people compliant for an eco-fascist dictatorship.

Foray into the great void with shocking results
What would a PR agency do when tasked with inciting the population against climate protection? Exactly what these supposed “climate protectors” are doing!

Cheap home ownership in the flood zone Cheap home ownership in the flood zone
Why ban construction in an area at risk of flooding? Why not simply "Only floatable houses may be used"?

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