And a day is like a year

Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2020-03-29.

  And a day is like a year

Disasters can occur at very different speeds. The speed of the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to the climate catastrophe is roughly like a day is like a year. Politicians who failed in the 1980 climate catastrophe are usually already dead or retired for a very long time. The politicians who failed 40 days ago in the COVID-19 pandemic, politicians who failed on 18 February 2020 are still in office. February 18, 2020 is only 40 days ago.

  Human sacrifice for a house of cards

The vice-governor of the US state of Texas Dan Patrick (69) has similar thoughts: "It is not acceptable that measures against the spread of COVID-19 hinder the economy. The elderly should be proud of being able to make sacrifices for the economy. Free economy for free Texans, who suffocates by COVID-19 on their own blood should be proud to have sacrificed themselves for the fatherland, uh not fatherland but for the free economy.

But which economy does he mean? What should we call an economy that can't survive two months of quarantine? What, a scrap system? China has COVID-19 behind it, and the economy has survived. No new domestic cases, new cases only occur at the 14 days entry quarantine.

Let us simply call this scrap system a house of cards, a system that collapses at the slightest vibration. The keywords of this house of cards are Leverage and Margin Call.

Extremely cheap loans are used to buy shares whose yield is higher than the interest on the loan. Huge amounts of money, but almost none of it is invested in the real economy.

The Dow Jones Index exceeded 10,000 points for the first time in April 1999. The record was 29,551 points on February 12, 2020. Have the stock corporations listed in the Dow Jones really become almost 3 times as valuable in the last 21 years? No, only the interest rates on loans have become so low that the demand for shares has pushed up the price enormously.

  The parable with earthquake relief

A huge earthquake has flattened almost all houses on an island. Big broadcast appeal, 100 million EUR are collected. 5 years later you visit this island, everywhere rubble, tent cities, in the middle of it there are 5 new houses. Who built them? They were built with funds from the earthquake relief agency. Are there any other houses built by the earthquake aid? No, just these five houses. They're not worth more than five million.

Does this mean that the remaining 95 million donations for earthquake relief have been misappropriated? Exactly that!

Now we are replacing “earthquake” with “climate catastrophe”, “fundraising” with “extremely low interest rates”, the 5 houses built by the earthquake relief organization with all the industry in the field of renewable energy and electric mobility. The extremely low interest rates were supposed to be an aid to the economy, but this aid was misappropriated, the result was insanely inflated share prices and a cruel increase in property prices for the population.

The tent cities mentioned in the parable really do exist, by the way.

  Ban on buying shares with loans

Only the initial issue of shares should be allowed to be financed with loans, because this initial issue serves to finance means of production. The purchase of real estate should only be allowed to be financed with a loan for personal use. With these measures, the extremely low interest rates would finally benefit the real economy and would not have the effect of driving up prices for shares and real estate.

Conversion to a resource-oriented tax system, land for energy, no loans for stock and real estate speculation, loans only for the initial issue of shares and own use of real estate are the 3 key measures to convert this scrap system to a stable system.

To Vice Governor Dan Patrick: To die for this scrap system is as stupid as falling on May 1, 1945 in the Volkssturm.

  40 times “NO THANKS!”

GEMINI next Generation, the house for the consistent “NO THANKS!” man. I'll be giving for every “NO THANKS!” claim a statement of reasons.

  The new policy

The difference between energy production and energy consumption should be as high as possible. This must replace the old idea “We must save energy, whatever the cost”. The passive house is the perfect expression of the old philosophy “We must save energy, no matter what it costs”. The Passive House described in 3 words: “Freezing for rich”.

  Worldwide wealth needed for planetary renovation

All the scenarios where it is sufficient to reduce emissions to zero are becoming increasingly implausible. Thawing permafrost soils and outgassing methane hydrate represent an enormous potential danger for climate development. A little reduction will not be enough. Even 100% less CO2 emission could still be too little. 200% less, i.e. no further human CO2 emission plus active reduction by filtering and splitting, should be enough. But this filtering of CO2 from the atmosphere and splitting it into C and O is an enormous effort that only a wealthy humanity with an industrial base completely based on renewable energy can manage. Therefore, saving, restricting, renouncing, is life-threatening for mankind. Promoting the GEMINI next Generation project is a new task for the Organisation for the Promotion of Infintism. A company will be founded later. The association can and will participate in the company. Supporting members of the association will have privileges in the foundation of the company. This will be formulated in the next weeks, but support in this difficult initial phase should pay off in any case.

  Year of the turning point for a civilization

My New Year's resolution to finally turn this civilization around. If the first model settlement in Unken is completed by the end of the year, it will be a turning point.

Contributing to global prosperity and creating a future without borders, can that also be your intention for the New Year? No, this resolution is not much too big and powerful, its implementation begins 50.-EUR annual membership fee in the Organisation for the Promotion of Infinitism.

  GEMINI next Generation

GEMINI next generation - 64 or 98 m² most modern living comfort
What can housing cost? Where can you build? How much Energy should a house produce? How much building material is needed? GEMINI n.G. is looking for completely new answers to these questions.

Prehistory of the GEMINI next Generation project
It started in autumn 1991 with the GEMINI habitable solar power plant, 2011 with the initiative Solar Building Land and 2018 with GEMINI 66 - we build our house ourselves.

How much can living cost?
This is not only a question of existence for the individual, but also for society as a whole. The competitiveness of the national economy is destroyed by high housing costs.

How much building material is needed?
The amount of building material starts with the decision how many floors to build. The step from just the ground floor to the first floor is a huge leap.

Where can and should GEMINI next Generation be built?
Using existing land better and building where conventional houses cannot or are not allowed is an important objective of the GEMINI next Generation project.

Electricity yield converted into rapeseed
There is no form of energy as ridiculous as biofuel. We must not count them as renewable energy because the yield has nothing to do with the requirements.

Unken - 2300 m² leasehold land for 5 houses
The first model settlement of GEMINI next Generation houses could be erected on a leasehold site of the municipality of Unken. Download GEMINI next Generation in Unken.PDF

How much energy should a house generate?
As much as possible! Because we need to get out of oil, coal, biofuel, natural gas and uranium. Our houses should contribute as much as possible.

Climate protection superiority house
Start into the solar age with a Climate protection superiority house. Lowest possible energy consumption for production, maximum possible energy surplus during operation.

Photovoltaics replace almost everything
We have to get out of oil, coal, biofuel, natural gas and uranium. Photovoltaics must bear the brunt of this exit. No more ridiculous fig leaf PV systems.

Energy for room heating becomes insignificant
How much do you save when you freeze in your own house? Between 18 and 23 degrees interior temperature are only 1000 kWh heat, less than 250 kWh electricity, less than 20 EUR.

CO2 calculator Energy balance calculator
Since there is not a single footprint calculator where you can enter the values of a GEMINI next generation, here is our CO2 energy balance calculator for housing and mobility.

The house for the consistent “NO THANKS!” man.
25 “NO THANKS!” for home buyers, 15 “NO THANKS!” for politics. Problem solutions in many areas by GEMINI next Generation. Download no thanks.PDF

Security in living
This concerns immediate disasters such as flood, nuclear accident, forest fire, but also future oil crises and changes in the tax system or electricity price system. Download PDF

Project GEMINI next Generation 2019
Production hall near Bleiburg, Study Jordan, Flyer for lectures 2020, Cyclist vs commuter, Press release December,

Production hall near Bleiburg
Martin Moser, the managing director of Neromylos offers the use of this production hall for our project. We visited it on 23 September 2019.

GEMINI next Generation Study Jordan
A meeting with a Jordanian industrialist at the eMove360 trade fair in Munich gave reason to prepare a study for use in Jordan. Download Jordan study PDF

Climate protection superiority house GEMINI next Generation
For decades we have heard ''Saving Restricting Renunciations'' sermons for climate protection. This is a thoroughly failed experiment.

Commuters vs. cyclists: who is more environmentally friendly?
We have been hearing about saving energy for decades. But wouldn't it be better to generate more energy than we consume? About a paradigm shift.

Press release December 9th 2019
To the local mass media in Salzburg: Effective climate protection is only possible with an increase in the standard of living. Effective climate protection is only. Download PDF

Project GEMINI next Generation 2020
News about the GEMINI next Generation project in 2020

ORF "Salzburg Heute" about GEMINI next generation in Unken
In the Salzburg Heute broadcast on 3 January 2020, 3 minutes were reported about the project in Unken. Here to the report in

Lecture on 6 February in Unken
At 19:30 in the common room of the municipality of Unken. Download GEMINI next Generation in Unken

  Land for Energy

Land for energy
We need much more solar power for the climate targets, for independence from oil through the switch to electric mobility. That is why we need to redesign land-use and building regulations.

  Politics economy

PEGE Manifesto
To lead civilization on planet Earth into a sustainable future. To organize the resources of planet Earth in such a way that the whole of mankind can have a good standard of living.

Tax system
Earth has limited resources. We must share these resources as fairly as possible. A tax system based on resource use.

Financing the social system
The whole social system, including child care, education, health, and old age benefits should be financed by taxes on resources.

Transition of the tax system
Less expenses for the employer, more purchasing power for the employee, Taxes and dues on human work replaced by taxes on resources.

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