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Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2018-04-08.

Trump issues punitive duties against Chinese products. Suddenly the Chinese is to blame for all the misfortunes of the USA. Blaming someone else is always the ideal way to distract you from your own failure. Even before Trump there were punitive tariffs against photovoltaics from China to protect the US fossil energy industry. So Obama and Trump are very similar in such protectionist measures.

  Long time ago: US products

In 1979, I bought an apple ][ computer. It was still made in the USA. At the time, I dreamed of having my own darkroom, with a Vivitar exposure unit. The flash for my camera was from Vivitar. US products for consumers in Europe. Today, everything seems to be as far-back as the army of the Roman empire occupied southern England. Really, was that once? At that time, there was even a trade surplus in the US.

Here to the US trade balance

Today, there are very few US products that convince: Tesla cars and SpaceX for transports into space. How did that happen?

  Uncontrolled cost increase

What happened later is state failure. The US producers of good products as a target of total exploitation. If a programmer earns US $ 15,000 on Google, but has to pay US $ 7,500 in monthly rent, that's total exploitation.

It is the duty of the state to harmonize the individual interest groups harmoniously. In this area lies the state failure of the United States. Five interest groups in the USA have far above average opportunities:
  • Real estate and land owners. Catastrophically high housing costs in major parts of the US
  • Extremely excessive military spending
  • Fossil energy industry, waste instead of efficiency
  • Justice, the incredibly high compensation must indeed be paid by someone
  • Excessive health care costs, the fabulously high compensation for malpractice contribute
Because the state is made up of these interest groups or lobbying is very successful, an interest group has been completely ignored: all those who have produced good products in the US. After you have systematically finished your own producers, should the Chinese suddenly be the fault?

  US life expectancy drops again

For two years in a row, life expectancy in the US is falling. For a declining life expectancy, there may be the following reasons: war, civil war, economic depression, famine, extremely victim-rich natural disasters and state failure.

If a country that is destroyed by state failure also has nuclear weapons, then this is extremely dangerous. It should never be called again "Since 5:45 a. m. we have been returning the fire.".

Unfortunately, many actions of the US have recently been working as preparation for a new "Since 5:45 a. m. we have been returning the fire."

  Plan 20-3-0

Over the next 20 years, a tripling of the global economy with a simultaneous reduction of fossil energy down to almost zero.

Investment Avalanche - Innovation Avalanche - Economic Boom

Even if the current price development reduces the costs of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, 12,000 billion a year are not affordable for today's humanity. However, it is affordable in the case of a threefold increase in the global economy and further cost reduction. Why should it be affordable? Thawing Permafrost floors and outgassing methane hydrate are an enormous threat potential for climate development. A little reduction could be too little. Even 100% less CO2 emissions could still be too little. 200% less, ie no further human CO2 emission plus active reduction by filtering and splitting, should be sufficient.

For this, the economic conditions must be created. That this can only work with the creation of worldwide wealth is nevertheless a nice side effect.

  Religion in the sense of relegere

Latin relegere: “to consider carefully, to contemplate, to think about repeatedly, to be thoughtful in view of an important issue.”

This should be the first duty of beings "created in the image of God". In the natural sciences, this happens all the time, before their achievements can have only the greatest respect. The opposite must be said about the politics.

The Infinitism certainly describes the best possible for all currently living humans, nature and future generations to an unimaginably distant future. This spread will require much time and labor.

Please support this lengthy tedious activity with your membership.

  Short description of all members translated to English

The organization to support infinitism has now 54 members from 4 different countries. One international know VIP, 3 localy known VIPs. When You are not from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Denmark, take the opportunity to be the first member from Your country.

My book "Calculation ERROR" is now free as a PDF.

  Calculation ERROR

Read Calculation ERROR
The paper version of ''Calculation ERROR'' is in DIN-A5 format. Ideal to read the PDF version even on a cell phone.

  Construction live energy

Model Mars colony
The life of the first settlers on Mars as a model to reshape our way of life on earth for a lasting survival.

Elon Musk's Speech at the Astronautical Congress 2017
There were so many sensations during this speech that one sensation was lost: the return from Mars with fuel generated by solar electric power.

  Politics economy

US military budget US$ 700 billion
What could begin with totally superfluous US$ 600 billion military expenditures reasonable? This shows what a crime against humanity this budget is.

Trust and government
A government system can only act efficiently and bring about great change if it enjoys the confidence of the population.

Treachery of Senator Dirk Durbin
Dick Durbin feels great about announcing incidents in an internal meeting, but it was a betrayal of the US.

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