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Table of contents for the year 2017. Overview about PEGE in the year 2017.

Filtering CO2 from the atmosphere
The supply of aircraft without oil and the planetary restoration requires CO2 to filter out of the atmosphere and split into carbon and oxygen.

At least 8 dead in the elderly: no photovoltaics
The report on CNN shows huge roof surfaces but not a single photovoltaic. This omission could lead to an prosecution of negligent killing.

Intersolar Trade Fair Munich 2017
Intersolar is growing again after years of shrinkage in 2016 only six halls were there in 2017 seven halls were occupied again.

How spans fields with photovoltaic How spans fields with photovoltaic
Many plants have a higher yield when shadowed a little bit. The use of cableway technology is leading to a revolution in photovoltaic free-fall systems.

Bloomberg forecast of battery production
Here to the Bloomberg article. What would it be like to continue this prognosis until 2021 in the distant future by 2030 and a few years later?

Root Android 6 Doogee X5 MAX pro Root Android 6 Doogee X5 MAX pro
You want to root, but are afraid to do something wrong. This detailed guide about all the details of the process makes you an expert who knows what he is doing.

The Empire Strikes Back
May 2017: The purchase of new Linux notebooks for the entire family is brutally stopped. Not a single economical 13'' notebook without operating system is more to be found in the offers.

K2 Solar Laptop Power Bank
Whether an expedition to an area without power supply or just leisurely at the beach with the notebook work, K2 Solar Is the solution.

Black Friday: US attack on Syria
Is it possible to make a professing climatic change denier reason? No, Donald Trump shows that irresponsible handling of facts is a standard for him.

2017 newsletter directory
Newsletter of PEGE in the year 2017

PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth
Since 1991, striving to lead humanity into the solar age. A civilization has tasks that can be clearly recognized with the game theory of mathematics.

Support for a better future
Please enhance PEGE's ability to lead humanity into solar age with your support.

Archive of the PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth
Since 1991, a goal, but increasingly better ways to be able to implement this goal. The technology is getting better, the production of required technology is increasing.

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