Black Friday for humanity

Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2017-04-09.

  Short Summary

Peace and cooperation with Russia? This election promises was reversed, the situation escalates as if Hillary Clinton was the new president of the US. Or we call the fuss the 5th term of George W. Bush. No matter who has been President of the USA since 2000, he becomes changed to George W. Bush, the famous want to be discoverer of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

  Black Friday for humanity

The foreign policy of the US, a total mess. There, fundamentalist Islamists are supported as "moderate rebels" to overthrow the Syrian President Assad or as it is officially called "to spread democracy and Western values in Syria". Highly strange allies, who behead little boys should really not belong to democracy and Western values.

What better opportunity would it be to dissociate itself from the strange allies of the predecessor Obama, and to deal with the foreign policy situation of the US as if an illegal chemical factory of the so-called "moderate rebels" is discovered?

Exactly this happened last week. An assault from Assad hit a weapon factory. The result of the attack showed that there were also produced internationally illicit chemical weapons.

Where is the great speech of President Donald Trump for a clear foreign policy line and the redemption of the election promise "peace and cooperation with Russia on the destruction of the IS"?

"Where is the difference between IS and these so-called moderate rebels, who are beheading little boys and produce internationally ill-famed chemical weapons?" I can see no difference, Russia does not see any difference, these strange distinctions between the rebels and the IS that my predecessor Obama has seen, no longer exist for us today ".

This speech would have been the great foreign policy blow for President Donald Trump, but on Friday he did a blow with 59 rockets against the discoverer of the chemical weapon factory. Completely against his election promise, completely against any logic. Donald Trump's first term of office was changed to the 5th term of George W. Bush .

  The US is not a democracy

What were 2008 the hopes for the presidency of Barack Obama? But soon came the question, where is the difference between George W. Bush and Barack Obama? In the end, I only referred to Barack Obama as the War Nobel Prize Laureate.

1948 would have been the logical presidential candidate of the Democrats Wallace. But because of his "peace and cooperation with the USSR" he was not nominated and defamed as a communist. In 2016, 68 years later, there was finally again a US presidential candidate who promised peace and cooperation with Russia. He had a few strange quirks, he was a confessional climate change denier. But was not Barack Obama in the 2008 election campaign so for renewable energy? So it would hardly make a difference, the main danger of a 3rd world war is banned, because Hillary Clinton already acted in the election campaign like George W. Bush.

After the Black Friday is the question, where is the difference between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush? What has all of this election campaign made sense if the new president breaks the decisive electoral promises within weeks, putting the exact opposite of his election promises into action?

The black Friday 1929, brought the world economic crisis, deflation and a few years later Adolf Hitler to the power, the Black Friday 2017 is still far more dangerous. The consequences of the black Friday 1929 were only the Second World War and 70 million dead.

  Plan 30-3-0

Over the next 30 years, a tripling of the global economy with a simultaneous reduction of fossil energy down to almost zero.

Investment Avalanche - Innovation Avalanche - Economic Boom

Even if the current price development reduces the costs of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, 12,000 billion a year are not affordable for today's humanity. However, it is affordable in the case of a threefold increase in the global economy and further cost reduction. Why should it be affordable? Thawing Permafrost floors and outgassing methane hydrate are an enormous threat potential for climate development. A little reduction could be too little. Even 100% less CO2 emissions could still be too little. 200% less, ie no further human CO2 emission plus active reduction by filtering and splitting, should be sufficient.

For this, the economic conditions must be created. That this can only work with the creation of worldwide wealth is nevertheless a nice side effect.

  Religion in the sense of relegere

Latin relegere: to consider carefully, to contemplate, to think about repeatedly, to be thoughtful in view of an important issue.

This should be the first duty of beings "created in the image of God". In the natural sciences, this happens all the time, before their achievements can have only the greatest respect. The opposite must be said about the politics.

The Infinitism certainly describes the best possible for all currently living humans, nature and future generations to an unimaginably distant future. This spread will require much time and labor.

Please support this lengthy tedious activity with your membership.

  Short description of all members translated to English

The organization to support infinitism has now 54 members from 4 different countries. One international know VIP, 3 localy known VIPs. When You are not from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Denmark, take the opportunity to be the first member from Your country.

My book "Calculation ERROR" is now free as a PDF.

  Politics economy

2017 politics
Unfortunately, no problem solving skills are apparent to most politicians. On the contrary, the make problem worse skills are overwhelming

Black Friday: US attack on Syria
Is it possible to make a professing climatic change denier reason? No, Donald Trump shows that irresponsible handling of facts is a standard for him.

The 5th term of George W. Bush
Sometime in 2009, I wondered where is the difference between Barack Obama and George W. Bush. On April 7, 2017: Where is the difference between George W. Bush and Donald Trump?

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