Photovoltaic KIC 8462852

Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2017-01-29.

  Photovoltaic system at KIC 8462852

KIC 8462852, the star which was dimmed by 22%. One of the assumptions was a slightly larger photovoltaic system. Let's view this hypothesis of a slightly larger PV system.

KIC 8462852 is 1.46 times larger than our sun. 1,392,684 km times 1.46 gives a diameter from 2,033,319 km. For 22% coverage, an area of 714 billion km² is required. After a few decades of research, a photovoltaic with only 5 grams per square meter surface can be produced on Earth in thin-film technology. These are only 5 tonnes per square kilometer. The total area could therefore only weigh about 3500 billion tonnes. A cube of water with 15 km of edge length weighs so much.

One assumes the object encircles KIC_8462852 at 239 million km distance. The solar constant at Earth is 1367 watts at 149.5 million km of orbit radius. KIC 8462852 has 5 times the brightness, more diameter, higher surface temperature. 2670 watts per m² instead of 1367 watts per m².

If an advanced civilization researches millions of times longer and much more intensively in photovoltaics, this thin film technology should already have 25% efficiency. 667 Watt electric power per square meter. 667 MW per square kilometer. Now we have only to multiply the whole by 714 billion km².

  467. Watt

476 times 10 power 18 Watt. To display large amounts of electricity comprehensible, one usually writes how many nuclear power plants with 1 GW capacity that would be. These are 476 billion nuclear power plants with 1 GW output. A figure that shows how absolutely ridiculous nuclear power and fossil energy are. Let's take such an optimistic estimate of the nuclear power fans: 3000 TWh yearly production and 200 years of running time. This PV system generates that amount of power in 4.5 seconds.

Now let's take the fossil energy fans. 150,000 TWh of thermal energy per year are valued as 50,000 TWh of electricity. The most optimistic optimists go there from 500 years. On my last trip to Berlin I saw this future vision at the altimeter of the Navi. 80m - 79m, we are approaching the future coastline when the Antarctic is completely melted. Finally arrival in Berlin, 35m below sea level.

For that amount of power is needed after all, already 3 minutes and 9 seconds.

  We will need it

What do you do with so much electric power? Divided to today's world population this would be a 60 GW society. Regardless of whether a gigantic photovoltaic circling around KIC 8462852 or not, we will need such a system. In 5 billion years, our sun becomes a red giant with the 2300 times of today's luminosity . The earth should then be better on a 7.2 billion km radius orbit. For such a change of path one needs quite a lot of electricity for ion beam engines. With such a photovoltaic system, you can change the orbit 200 km per year.

We still have a lot of time to develop our civilization. At the moment, we should be dealing with a very small but time-critical task in comparison to this: conversion to 100% renewable energy and around 1 million km² of photovoltaic on the earth's surface to have the electric power to reduce the CO2 content of the atmosphere to 280 ppm. What are already 1 million km² on the surface of the earth to 714,000 million km² in space?

  Plan 30-3-0

Over the next 30 years, a tripling of the global economy with a simultaneous reduction of fossil energy down to almost zero.

Investment Avalanche - Innovation Avalanche - Economic Boom

Even if the current price development reduces the costs of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, 12,000 billion a year are not affordable for today's humanity. However, it is affordable in the case of a threefold increase in the global economy and further cost reduction. Why should it be affordable? Thawing Permafrost floors and outgassing methane hydrate are an enormous threat potential for climate development. A little reduction could be too little. Even 100% less CO2 emissions could still be too little. 200% less, ie no further human CO2 emission plus active reduction by filtering and splitting, should be sufficient.

For this, the economic conditions must be created. That this can only work with the creation of worldwide wealth is nevertheless a nice side effect.

  Religion in the sense of relegere

Latin relegere: to consider carefully, to contemplate, to think about repeatedly, to be thoughtful in view of an important issue.

This should be the first duty of beings "created in the image of God". In the natural sciences, this happens all the time, before their achievements can have only the greatest respect. The opposite must be said about the politics.

The Infinitism certainly describes the best possible for all currently living humans, nature and future generations to an unimaginably distant future. This spread will require much time and labor.

Please support this lengthy tedious activity with your membership.

  Short description of all members translated to English

The organization to support infinitism has now 54 members from 4 different countries. One international know VIP, 3 localy known VIPs. When You are not from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Denmark, take the opportunity to be the first member from Your country.

My book "Calculation ERROR" is now free as a PDF.

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