Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2016-11-05.

  Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Which candidate is better for the future of our civilization? First, it's a question of peace or war. Trump is the first candidate since 1948 promoting peace and cooperation with Russia. Henry Wallace lost. He was not elected as the candidate of the democratic party. His new founded own party got only 3%.

The campaign against him: He is a communist.

  Imagine a different world

What would have been with Wallace as president?
  • No Korean war
  • No Vietnam war
  • No cold war
  • No fear from the big atomic war for decades
Let's estimate 65 years with 500 billion US$ of today purchase power less US military budget. 32.500 billion US$ less military expenses from the US. Maybe this would have been also 17.500 US$ less military budget of other countries.

Where would be the world today with US$ 50.000 billion invested in more useful than military expenses? I made 2007 a study how to use the money from the US military budget more useful, The numbers are now 9 years old. In this time, photovoltaic became 85% cheaper than it was 2007.

There is an experience with new industry: 20% less price, each time the world market doubles. First time, this experience was made 1859 to 1893. The new industry was crude oil and the price went down with more and more demand.

The photovoltaic industry doubled 10 times in the last 23 years. So the price should be the price from 1993 times ( 0.8 power 10 ). Great, the photovoltaic price today is really 10.7% of the price from 1993. 89.3% cheaper!

When You dream how could be today a paradise on Earth, Wallace as president 1948 is a good starting point.

  On what side are You

  • I want that US and Russia fight together against IS.
  • I want like in Iraq and Libya an endless civil war in Syria and risk a war with Russia and China.
I hope this is an easy decision.

  Oil imports

Remember Obama in his first election campaign 2007. How much renewable energy did he promise?

Look at the oil imports statistic of US. 319.629.000 barrel imported in August 2016. More than 10 million barrels per day. The oil imports are a big part of the trade balance deficit. The oil imports are increasing again because the US oil production decreases

US was great as us cars had been produced by US steel processed by US coal and powered by US oil.

US can be great again by US cars produced by US steel processed by electric power from sun and wind and powered by electric power from sun and wind.

  Replacing oil by cheaper and better products

Who can be won for a big vision? Replacing oil by cheaper and better products? This is like a century ago replacing the horse by the car. This change was pushed by a business man with a big vision: Henry Ford.

The car delivered much more mobility than the horse. But the car came to a limit: the world oil production and the climate problem.

I wrote as far back as 1992 in my first book "Advance to solar age": I see no problem when 10 billion people drive 5 billion electric cars, when the electricity comes from sun and wind.

I know what Trump thinks about climate change, but this is not a problem. There are far better arguments for a fast change to renewable energy and electric mobility which can be branded for "Make US great again". Who is more similar to Henry Ford? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

And what's about "Replacing oil by cheaper and better products" at a person receiving much money from major oil exporting countries? Some promises like from Obama 2007, but nothing real.
  • Trump is the candidate for big new visions. The big new visions have only to be brought to him in a way, he understands.
  • Clinton has only the problem to survive. She has so many problems, that surviving is her main problem. Nothing for big visions.

  Religion in the sense of relegere

Latin relegere: to consider carefully, to contemplate, to think about repeatedly, to be thoughtful in view of an important issue.

This should be the first duty of beings "created in the image of God". In the natural sciences, this happens all the time, before their achievements can have only the greatest respect. The opposite must be said about the politics.

The Infinitism certainly describes the best possible for all currently living humans, nature and future generations to an unimaginably distant future. This spread will require much time and labor.

Please support this lengthy tedious activity with your membership.

  Short description of all members translated to English

The organization to support infinitism has now 54 members from 4 different countries. One international know VIP, 3 localy known VIPs. When You are not from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Denmark, take the opportunity to be the first member from Your country.

My book "Calculation ERROR" is now free as a PDF.

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