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Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2015-07-19.

  Games Theory

Game theory is a branch of mathematics. And all will be seen as a game field, game, rules and participating players. Players try the best possible for themselves. In 1996 I was desperate because most environmentalists considered the people as a pest. These opinions ranged from "Reduce to 1 billion frugal environmentally friendly people" to the misanthropic "Healthy planets have no people."

I wanted to make a positive image of mankind. I explored with the game theory why there are intelligent beings? The result was "Subdue the earth" precisely in the sense of the Pope Franzsikus encyclical Laudato si: "beware" protect, supervise, preserve, maintain, guard.

This task is only a high-tech civilization capable. If today an astronomer would discover a 10 km meteorite, which will take in 3 years on earth, we would be as helpless as the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

These had been expanded 2013 to the civilization levels. Level 0 - helpless as a baby, the since our 2 centuries lasting civilization jump to Level 1 - Can handle immediate problems. Based on new information form the excellent working natural sciences of this civilization, the civilization levels 2, 3 and 4 could be since defined.

  Yanis Varoufakis

The first half 2015 operating Greece Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis also uses game theory. Submit proposals, which are to the benefit of all.

  Citation from NewStatesMan

To the article, an interview with Yanis Varoufakis:

“It’s not that it didn’t go down well – there was point blank refusal to engage in economic arguments. Point blank. You put forward an argument that you’ve really worked on, to make sure it’s logically coherent, and you’re just faced with blank stares. It is as if you haven’t spoken. What you say is independent of what they say. You might as well have sung the Swedish national anthem – you’d have got the same reply.”

  Game theory requires players knowing the game

With horror I have read this interview. It is a reflection of my situation. Game theory requires players who know the game. If the players do not know the game, then just this "blank stares" comes out. Then a solution comes out, causing the worst possible for all. Gigantic new loans and save Greece broken.

A drastic example, when a player does not know the game and the rules of the game:

  Never play chess with a pigeon!

In the opening phase, the pigeon will walk on the chessboard, thereby overturn all figures. As the game progresses, the dove is shit on the playing field.

And at the end strutting across the board and this look like as if she had won.

  Religion in the sense of relegere

Latin relegere: “to consider carefully, to contemplate, to think about repeatedly, to be thoughtful in view of an important issue.”

This should be the first duty of beings "created in the image of God". In the natural sciences, this happens all the time, before their achievements can have only the greatest respect. The opposite must be said about the politics.

The Infinitism certainly describes the best possible for all currently living humans, nature and future generations to an unimaginably distant future. This spread will require much time and labor. So I had on Thursday an one hour meeting with the secretary of a top celebrity. The first request for an appointment with this top celebrities had been on 19 December 2014th

Please support this lengthy tedious activity with your membership.

  Short description of all members translated to English

The organization to support infinitism has now 33 members from 4 different countries. One international know VIP, 3 localy known VIPs. When You are not from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Denmark, take the opportunity to be the first member from Your country.

Each new member gets "Calculation ERROR" as a PDF.

  Paradigm Infinitism

Members from the organization to promote Infinitism
Our members, their biography, achievements and statements on the new paradigm Infinitism.

Media and journalists
Members in the Organization to support Infinitism in the area of medias and journalism.

Innovation - innovators - investors
Members in the Organization to support Infinitism in the area of Innovation - innovators - investors.

Louis Palmer - Switzerland - WAVE
Louis Palmer (born 1971 in Budapest) is a Swiss environmental activist. Projects like the Solar Taxi 2007, Zero Emissions Race 2010/2011, World Advanced Vehicle Expedition or WAVE.

Heini Staudinger - Lower Austria - GEA
Heinrich Staudinger, entrepreneur shoe and furniture industries in the high-wage country Austria. He made as a ''financial rebel'' a talking point up to Brussels.

Andreas Wabl - Styria - Ex-Member of Austrian Parliament
Roland Mösl called me many times as a ''real green'' and meant that the citizens expected a priority on solving energy and environmental issues.

Professor Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Eipper - Nuremberg
Envi Experts GmbH - The Environmental Expert. ÖBV expert (IHK Nuremberg), environmental verifiers (DE-V-0361).

Dr. Franz Winterberg - Denmark - pioneering lithium batteries for cars
Business consultant in 1990 worked in the Treuhand. As early as 1995 pioneer for large lithium batteries developed especially for electric cars. 1996 founder of the Gaia Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH.

Karl-Otto Launicke - Saxony
1995 founder of the start-ups ''Ökoenergie Transkontakt'', which wanted to build a production of CIS thin-film photovoltaics. Later, founder of the medical technology company Lametec.

  Politics economy

Our research from 1996

1996 political philosophy as guiding principle
Politics has not to degenerate to the administration of redistribution fights. Politics has to be more. Politics has to design future visions where people can orientate.

Establish targets for humanity
To establish targets, first a task has to be found. At searching a task is the mathematical method of game theory very usefull.

Game theory: Let's start with a very simple game: Tic Tac Toe
An area of mathematics science is called game theory. There are rules, options to act, win- and lose situations.

Game theory: reconstruct the rules by watching a chess game
Imagine You don't know chess and You watch an ongoing game. You watch move 5 to 40. You watch very carefully and You try to reconstruct all the rules of the game.

Let's try to assume rules in the game of life
The most complex game is the game of life. We are in the same situation like the observer of the chess game who don't know the rules.

The meaning of life revealed
Game theory reveals: development of intelligent forms of life like humans is necessary to maintain all forms of life for a long time.

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