Encyclical Laudato si

Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2015-06-21.

  Encyclical Laudato si

The Pope points out that our dealings with our home planet is unsustainable. "Save Restricting Abstain" is not a solution.

Or is it a solution to an alcoholic to drink instead of 10 bottles of beer only 5 per day? Or is it a solution, if a thief reduces from 20 burglaries per month to only 10? No! It is not a solution to reduce a recognized as a bad act just a little.

If CO2 from fossil combustion is bad, then it is not enough to reduce emissions by 50%. Probably, it's even not enough to reduce the emission by 100%, because thawing permafrost and methane hydrate escaping further provide additional greenhouse gases.

We must be prepared for this "even 100% less CO2 emissions too little," . Humanity must be able to reduce the CO2 content of the atmosphere to the level of 1900.

Impossible? What did You not understand at "Image of god"?

  The civilization levels

On the occasion of Pope Encyclical there is now an additional 6 pages from the book free as PDF: Civilization levels page 398 to 403.

  13% are reached

Our first target is to have 200 members in our organization. We reached 13%. We can call 3 of them are prominents, but only one of our prominents is international known: Louis Palmer.

Do you doubt that the existing system and the existing opposition of the system is perhaps not optimal? If you also hold some main ideas of Infinitism for worth for discussing, may be better than the status quo, please express this by a donation or becoming a member. Each new member gets "Calculation ERROR" as a PDF.

  Paradigm Infinitism

Paradigm infinitism: philosophy
A diagnosis for the civilization on planet earth that has been overdue for 2 centuries Civilization jump from 'helpless as a baby' to 'Can solve immediate problems'.

Pope Franzsikus Encyclical Laudato si
The Infinitism to implement the encyclical of Pope Fanziskus to make known the true extent of our task. Here to the encyclical

  Calculation ERROR

View Short description Read test Biography of the author
This is followed by book reviews: The first from
PHILOBIBLON Transylvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities

  Cars traffic mobility

Area efficiency km per squaremeter
Food for fuel has consequences. Food prices increase. Food riots in many different countries. Is there enough area to refuel all our cars? Compare the area efficiency!.

  Construction live energy

Replace crude oil by electric power
The amount of electric power to replace an unit of fossile energy can, depending on application, be complete different.

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