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Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2015-06-14.

  Solar industry deeply unconscious

What would have been the answer from Henry Ford, when You would have asked him 1905 "What is the target of the car industry"? I am sure, Henry Ford would have answered immediately, 1 or 2 cars per family worldwide.

A clearly defined goal, a guiding principle which fails due to the unconsciousness of several industries at the moment.

Henry Ford put on ethanol as a fuel of the future. At that time he was with the yield per unit area rather optimistic and expecting 2 billion people. In reality, much lower yield per unit area and 7 billion people on the other hand made ethanol the price drivers for food, thus the cause of revolutions.

Today it is clear only solar electric power with a complement of wind power is able to provide the necessary amounts of energy. Here a study of 2008 replacing oil by electric power. To replace 90 million barrels of oil production per day with electricity, means 13,000 TWh of electricity per year. That would be so 10,000 GW photovoltaic in a mix of different locations.

But that's still far too low estimated. The oil industry is now much too small, strangling with extremely high prices any progress in developing countries. We need to not only get out of the oil, which now houses most limiting factor in the global economy, the most critical part of the energy supply. We need to get out of oil, coal, gas, biofuel and uranium. These are orders of magnitude, where only a portion can be carried by the wind, the brunt has to take solar electric power.

"What yearly production of photovoltaics is essential for mankind?" This question I asked at numerous booths at Intersolar. The unified response "We have not thought about that."

  Target until 2030 50% from oil 50% from coal electric power

This target requires worldwide 14,000 GW photovoltaic, 177 GW of which are already installed.
This target requires an average of 1 000 GW additional construction per year, in 2015 perhaps 60 GW are managed.

This has to be brought aggressively into politics: "Solar electric power, or is there another solution?".

  Next week

Report about the Intersolar and EES - Electric Energy Storage

  12% are reached

Our first target is to have 200 members in our organization. We reached 12%. We can call 3 of them are prominents, but only one of our prominents is international known: Louis Palmer.

Do you doubt that the existing system and the existing opposition of the system is perhaps not optimal? If you also hold some main ideas of Infinitism for worth for discussing, may be better than the status quo, please express this by a donation or becoming a member. Each new member gets "Calculation ERROR" as a PDF.

  Paradigma Infinitism

Paradigm infinitism
Can a civilization develop an unlimited ability to survive? We think so! Thus, worldwide wealth and a limitless future is possible.

Paradigm infinitism: economy
The world economy since 2008 in the fossil stagnation. Renewable energy can provide for all of humanity a standard of living like in USA or EU in their best time.

Organization to promote infinitism
The non-profit organization to promote infinitism has been registered March 2nd 2015 in Austria. It supports actions to disseminate infinitism

  Cars traffic mobility

Area efficiency km per squaremeter
Food for fuel has consequences. Food prices increase. Food riots in many different countries. Is there enough area to refuel all our cars? Compare the area efficiency!.

  Construction live energy

Replace crude oil by electric power
The amount of electric power to replace an unit of fossile energy can, depending on application, be complete different.

  PEGE Organisation, Roland's Magazine

Wrong wronger wrongest: Prognoses
Bursting lungs at speeds beyond 30km/h, worldwide demand of maximal 100 computers, 32 bit processors never for private use. And now strikes McKinsey.

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