Oil is far more expensive than renewable electric power

Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2014-12-25.

  What happened 2014

Nearly one year after my last English newsletter. 3000 German versions of "Calculation ERROR" arrived at me in February. Until now about a thousand sold. The English version is still only available as PDF.

Last time I wrote about applying at the list of a new party in Austria for the EU parliament. I try since 2004 to bring new ideas into established political parties. This time, I tried at NEOS in Austria. They wrote "People instead of Parties". All people against me in the internal forum had one in common: They studied at the LBS - London business school of economics and political science. I was deleted from the list on February 26th 2014.

After this, I offered 3 political parties in struggle before death "Operation Phoenix". A political party burned to ash comes up again thanks to a legendary election campaign. They even didn't answer my proposal. All these 3 parties had Mach 2014 the qualification for the EU election. All these 3 parties are now to weak for another election. Only to list the names: Team Stronach, BZÖ and HPM.

  When it's not possible to bring new ideas to parties

Existing political parties only believe in existing theories of economics. They choose different economic theories, but they choose only economic theories. But all my book "Calculation ERROR" is to show the calculation errors of economics. So I started to design an own political party. What name to choose?

WWW - WorldWide Wealth. Sorry, it's now to translate the remaining 70 pages from German to English. It's a difference to bring some new ideas into an existing party or to design a new party from the scratch. The good news:
  • No revolution necessary
  • No new system necessary
  • Just a few reforms to bring the success model "Social Market Economy" back to the road of success.
More than 50 years ago, the "Social Market Economy" was very successful in West-Germany. This model was so successful, that the government of East-Germany - GDR - had seen them forced to built a wall in Berlin, because so many people went from east to west. At this time, economic theories and the reality on Earth matched good.

There is no difference between Newton's and Einstein's formulas as long as mass and speed is low. But Newton in complete wrong, when You calculate 2 black holes rotating around each other in 5 m distance. Same here, There are many economic effects ignored by economics. This had 1960 no consequences, but now these differences and consequences are huge.

  Oil is far more expensive than renewable electric power

  • Oil left the price range of other energy sources.
  • Photovoltaic approached the price range of other energy sources
  • Oil is far more expensive than photovoltaic
Comparing high developed cars with electric cars and the cost of solar electric power in not so sunny Germany, event there is solar electric power cheaper than importing crude oil. Price for both systems equal at US 40 / barrel. Most extreme is the comparison in very sunny countries between primitive gasoline scooters and electric scooters. Price for both systems equal at US$ 13 / barrel.

Where is here capitalism? Where is here one of the highest ideals of capitalism? Throw with cheaper better products the competition out of the market. This means the industry of the high developed countries should throw oil out of the market, so all the money comes to the high developed countries instead to the oil exporters.

This is good for both parts. Many development countries have developed a huge trade balance deficit in the last 2 decades. A trade balance deficit bigger than the value of oil imports. India, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, Greece, Portugal, France, USA.

BB21C -Biggest Business 21st Century should bring the solution/a>.

  The 4 strategic projects of PEGE

The new front page of pege.org shows now the 4 strategic projects of PEGE.org

  The current low oil price

Nobody should cheer about the current low oil price. There are only 2,5 million barrel too much on the market for US$ 105. It was assumed Saudi Arabia has the ability to produce 2 to 2,5 million barrel more per day. It was assumed, that all other oil producing countries are producing at the limit. Now it seems Saudi Arabia produces on the limit to eliminate all the competition with higher production costs. When all this competition with expensive oil wells is eliminated, oil price will sky rocket.

This will create a new oil price shock 2016. It's now time to leave oil. I told You the same November 2008, as oil price was down to US$ 32.

  I, my book and the first review in short

This is followed by book reviews: The first from
PHILOBIBLON Transylvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities

  WWW - WorldWide Wealth

WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement
Mankind has the technology for a lasting paradise, but a policy for hell on earth. Our mission is to change that.

  Calculation ERROR

German version of Calculation ERROR
This action was completed in late November 2013. With the advertisements, the printing of 3,000 books of the first edition was funded. Many thanks to the advertisers.

Never written books
The book calculation ERROR easy explained by never written books..

Karl Marx: Das Kapital 2.0
How a new tax system steers capitalism towards the benefit of mankind

Mankind terminates itself
How do we put our future at stake.

The Targets of Growth
A report of the Salzburg Club about the future of mankind. How uncontrolled tumor-like growth has to be converted to a purposeful growth to achieve

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