UN-total failure conference in Warsaw

Newsletter from PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth from 2013-09-23.

  UN-total failure conference in Warsaw

16th November 2013, publication date of Calculation ERROR. In Warsaw will be the UN Summit of total failure. A will say: We must do more to protect the climate.B shall say: We are deeply in debt, we have no money And my book will carry a new message to the world: Calculation ERROR! With an earlier and more intense change to renewable energy and electric mobility, we would have today a much better situation. Why are we in such a bad situation? Because the economic science has refused to answer since 4 decades the three most burning questions about the future of our civilization, which were raised in the 1972 Limits to Growth:
  1. Are alternative supply chains available for the same service?
  2. What are the possible future shortages and price developments of these supply chains?
  3. How do we switch from one supply chain to another before a shortage hits the economy?
Instead to research these 3 questions, economics thought only of their own dogma, that the perfect market solves all problems. The refusal of Economics to use different facts and computational methods brings our civilization to the brink of the abyss. We need a new world view, a new approach for all our serious problems:
  • Peak Oil Gas Coal Uranium will be reached soon.
  • Climate Change
  • Many countries in crisis: trade deficit greater than oil imports
  • The Lost Generation - youth unemployment.
  • Working poor - the pay is not enough to live
  • Too little investment in the real economy.
Only with a new global movement, we can have a livable future. This is the book, to design this new view of the world to establish this new global movement.

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  Publication date November 16th 2013

September 23rd 2011, I received the message, that I am a Gusi Peace Prize laureate. Something like the Nobel prize of Asia. An award for all my work to lead humanity to the solar age since September 1991.

One week later, I started my book project "Calculation ERROR", about how my view of the world changed in the last 2 decades. From "I need only to explain solar energy better" in 1991; over "We have a destructive tax system and the West Bloc, will end soon like the East Bloc" in 2004; to the latest recognitions how severe omissions in economic calculations caused all the debt and economic problems in USA+EU.

Calculation ERROR
the downfall of USA+EU by worshiping a destructive cult

Yes! At so much technical progress, increased productivity, it's really necessary to make all the other things wrong to come in the terrible economic situation of USA+EU. This cannot be small mistakes; this cannot be big mistakes. It's necessary to make far more mistakes than some big mistakes to come in this situation. This book is about all these calculation ERRORs and its solutions.

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It's to built up a new world wide movement. The first big action is to print the book. The last 4 pages are free for sponsoring, the price off all 4 pages is equal to the printing costs for the 5000 books from the first edition.

Typical examples:
  • 7 books and 1 text line in the English book: 208,05 incl VAT.
  • 20 books, 58x19mm in English and German book 328 EUR excl VAT
  • 700 books, 1/2 page in English and German book 8,950 EUR excl VAT.
Here to the price calculator and PDF with offer

  Cars traffic mobility

IAA International Motor Show (cars) 2013
Only electric and pug-in hybrid cars are considered. To recommend something else would be, because off the -40% oil production in 2030 forecast of the Energy-Watch-Group<7a>, completely wrong.

Mitsubishi Outlander - the family Plug-in Hybrid
Renunciation of the camping trip, no thanks! 1500 kg towing capacity and 5 seats make the Outlander fully suitable for a family holiday at the campsite.

Front luggage compartment of BMW i3 and Tesla S
What happens when two completely independent companies develop a new electric car? Both also have a front trunk.

Rear engine with Tesla S and BMW i3
Independent development, again the same result: The rear engine behind the rear axle. Top of the engine rear trunk.

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