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2008-05-09: Oil crisis: Chrysler gasoline price guarantee
2008-05-25: Our civilization isbuilt on oil, far worse than to built on sand
2008-06-01: Electric cars instead of coal power plants! A total contradiction?
2008-06-15: Photovoltaic is already far cheaper than gasoline
2008-06-22: Intersolar 2008: sensational large thin film moduls
2008-06-29: Conference for more oil production on the niveau from Comical Ali.
2008-07-06: Peak oil and the climate disaster would have been avoidably
2008-07-13: IEA: how to save oil in the case of a quick rising oil price
2008-07-20: Fossil energy means recession
2008-07-27: Test electric scooters E-Max 110S vs IO-Scooter Lithium
2008-08-03: Future vision: a town without combustion
2008-09-21: Without efficient electric storage is solar not base laod capable
2008-09-28: First B111 driving license done on an electric scooter
2008-10-12: Electric scooter for long distance commuters
2008-10-19: EUROSOLAR Austria awards PEGE
2008-11-02: This pseudo growth is as usefull as cancer
2008-11-30: Recession decreased much the crude oil demand
2008-12-07: Google friend connect
2008-12-21: 2008: The begin of the end of the oil age
2008-12-28: New years speech of PEGE for 2009

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