PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth

Since 1991 expression of Infinitism, to develop the potential of the civilization on planet earth full and to eliminate the dangers arising from an incorrect assessment of the situation.


In retrospect, was PEGE 1991, the first expression of a new view of the world, the Infinitism: a civilization can develop an unlimited ability to survive. This means worldwide wealth and a limitless future.

An association to support infinitism was founded March 2nd 2015 in Austria.

  The book: Calculation ERROR - the development of infinitism

  At the latest after the first oil crisis in 1973, the following 3 questions should have been made:
  1. Are alternative supply chains available for the same service?
  2. What are the possible future shortages and price developments of these supply chains?
  3. How do we switch from one supply chain to another before a shortage hits the economy?
This is the central message of the foreword. PEGE developed from the establishment in 1991 an ever more comprehensive system to show this failure and its consequences and to promote solutions for the correction.

  The new science: Ethics - the science of survival

Integrate the knowledge of all the sciences in an open source world simulation program. Identify and explore future problems early. Search for the best possible way for a limitless future of mankind. The absence of this science can destroy a civilization. Page 298-313 in the book.

  The movement: WWW - WorldWide Wealth

  Mankind has the technology for a lasting paradise, but a policy for hell on earth. Our mission is to change that. The reforms to get the earlier model of success "social market economy" back to the road of success.

Wealth is not a luxury but a necessity to create the economic conditions that are necessary to meet future civilization tasks.

  For the economy: BB21C - Biggest Business 21st century

BB21C. Force with cheaper and better products the competition from the market. Developed countries should push the oil out of the market, so that the money comes to the developed countries and not to the oil-exporting countries.

  PEGE journals

The journals of PEGE provide comprehensive evidence on the technical possibilities of mankind and the failure to put this into prosperity and stability.

Car traffic magazin of PEGE Car traffic magazin of PEGE
Themes around cars and traffic. Tests, technic and concepts for the future. The joice of the right car and how to move it more fuel efficient.

Live, building, houses Live, building, houses
The architecture and solar architecture online magazin of PEGE shows problems, ideas and solutions around houses, building and live in general.

Politics - political targets of PEGE Politics - political targets of PEGE
Nonpolitical, pragmatic, on the other side of ideologies counts in our politic only one target: A long time lasting civilization able to develop further on a stable base.

Notebook - Laptop - Notebooks - Laptops - Lifestyle Notebook - Laptop - Notebooks - Laptops - Lifestyle
The laptop is a central element for a high life standard and it's an enviroment friendly device. The energy saved can be used for other electrical devices.

Roland Mösl - founder of PEGE Roland Mösl - founder of PEGE
Roland Mösl - the founder of Planetary Engineering Group Earth dedicates his life for new concepts and inventions to lead humanity to the age of solar energy.

Advance to solar age Advance to solar age
The founding book of PEGE written 1992 and published 1993. The book of basics for a durable society with a high living standard.