GSM + GPS + new = Traffic problem solution

The device contains GSM, GPS and CAHH. and solves traffic problems. Computer networks to bring car drivers and passengers together

Go on the street and watch the cars passing by. One car, one person, next car, one person and so on. See to the bus stop. A lot of people waiting for a bus. What a terrible waste!

We have all the technologies to end this waste of resources:
  • GSM - Global System Mobile Communication to transfer data
  • GPS - Global Positioning System to know the own position
  • Computer networks to bring car drivers and passengers together

  Is a Public Traffic System unnecessary?

Only if public traffic devices have 30% less person km than private car traffic. Big cities above 1 million inhabitants need a traffic backbone like an underground railway. The public traffic system can be completely replaced by C.A.HH. in cities with less than 100.000 inhabitants.

The first approach to see what is possible: Wait at the bus stop. Look to the street on the cars passing by. Imagine every third car with only one person inside stops and takes 3 persons waiting at the bus stop. 30 people waiting, third car with only the driver driver inside, 27 people waiting... and so on... -30 people waiting.

Try our traffic reduction calculator.

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